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(a) Sole Proprietorship Firm

its a very simple process to start any business in India. if you are single owner then just go to nearby Any Bank and say them open your current bank account. in Proprietorship main Objective is "Current Bank Account". every bank needed some documents as per RBI Guidelines i.e need any of the followings.

(b) Partnership Firm

Its a very simple process if you have parnters but itsa old tradition form of partnership. just go to nearby any notery and purchase a Stamp Paper of 500 Rupees and drafting your legal terms and conditons of partners. thats sit. but if you want to register it then go to nearby Registrar of Firms with your partnership deed and give to bribe to babu and regsiter it then Apply for PAN & Open Current Account. Cost - Near 3k to 4k.

How to Register Partnership Firm In India

Parntership Registration is best if you have partners and your budget is just less than 5k for registration.


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