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At EASY TAXES Digital Marketing we focus on all the fields of Marketing and integrated digital marketing has turned out to be great for promotion of Brands or entities which would further result into higher sales, better conversions or superior brand recall and authority.

For the convenience of the students EASY TAXES Digital Marketing has segregated the entire Digital Marketing course into 5 modules and consists of subdivisions like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search engine Marketing) which engage the different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others, SMO (Social Media Optimization) which engages the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Blogs and many more. The E-Mail Marketing campaigns span around the different email service providers and use tools to generate attractive emails and compulsive Call to Action themes.

Thus EASY TAXES has introduced its Digital Marketing Diploma course which will help you 'evolve' your offline business strategies and plans for business promotion with digital tools and skill sets to ensure a better career prospect in the Digital World as Digital Marketers or in case you are an entrepreneur it will help you boost your business with Digital means.

Courses on Digital Marketing

A Diploma in Digital Marketing can help you take a step towards your career, increase your scope and understand the marketing strategies employing digital marketing tools as well as learning how to handle digital media campaigns successfully. This course comprises of primarily four modules which are Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Email Marketing.

Knowledge of tools, strategies and best practices of SEO is vital to expand organic presence, relevant traffic and earn a place for your website in the first page of search results in the different Search Engines. Content Marketing which is a booming market in the recent times is also a part of this module. So whether you want to be a SEO specialist, a content Marketer or even a Blogger this course is set to launch you career ahead.

Living in the digital era, you need to stay better informed in order to manage the different social media platforms and for the successful campaigning of your brand employing different strategies for the different platforms based on the target audience and their behavioral pattern in that medium. This is a very lucrative career option.

Making a career through affiliate marketing or using Adwords for website requires certification in Search Engine Marketing. A training in SEM tools, trends, tips, tricks, techniques and strategies for search and Display networks can not only boost your career, but also take it to a whole new level.

Email Marketing is a critical domain of marketing as you do not want your mail to act nuisance to your recipients. Certificate course in Email Marketing can train you to categorize mailing lists as per individual interests, send relevant information to customers and cater to their needs without hounding them with mails.

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